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Bunny Skater


小兔子回到曾經最期待的冒險中,引爆Android手機! 滑板小兔是Google Play上最棒最刺激的滑板遊戲。抓起滑板,準備開始一段踢翻轉的冒險歷程吧。你的目標很簡單-指引小兔子越過障礙物並極富挑戰的關卡,後續會有更多收集所有小兔子最愛的胡蘿蔔。胡蘿蔔收集得越多,你的得分越高!
Bunny Kim is back in his MOST ANTICIPATED adventure ever to hit Android! Bunny Skater is #1 exciting skateboarding game on Google Play.
Grab the board and get ready for a kick-flippin' adventure now. Bunny wants to become a hollywood star like Kardashian so he needs the carrots to grow more attractive. And it is your job to guide Bunny to shred through the obstacles to collect all the carrots. The more carrots you collect the more point you score!
How to Play:- Tap bottom left button to accelerate- Tap bottom right button to jump
Game Features:- 3 beautiful skate worlds to get lost in- 72 challenging levels and more to come- Realistic physics to ensure a familiar skateboarding experience- Multiple paths on each level for extra replayability